Items Equipment Qty
1Board Cut3
2Baking Oven8
3Conveyor Oven1
4NC Routing M/C3
5CNC Drilling M/C11
6De-burring M/C2
7Scrubbing M/C2
8Auto PTH Line with Desmear1
9D/F Laminator2
10Exposure M/C (5000W)1
11Exposure M/C (7000W)2
12Exposure M/C (8000W)1
13D/F Image Developer1
14Dry Film Stripping Line1
15Auto Pattern Plating-Cu, Sn2
16Etching with Tin Stripping Line2
17Wet Film Soldermask Developer1
18Twin Table Liquid S/M PCB Screen
Printing M/C with Plugging Hole Function
19Semi-Auto Printing M/C5
20Scrubbing M/C with Micro-Etching2
21Pattern Plating-Ni, Au Flash1
22Auto Immersion Ni, Au Plating Line1
23Immersion Silver Plating Line2
24Pre-Treatment Line HAL1
25HAL M/C1
26Lead-Free HAL M/C1
27Post Treatment Line HAL1
28Plasma M/C1
29Punching M/C11
30CNC V-Cut M/C1
31General V-Cut M/C6
32Board Cleaning M/C2
33OSP Coating Line1
35Automatic E-Tester2
36Fly Probe E-Tester1
37Copper Track Repair M/C8
38AOI Inspection M/C3
39Impedance Control Tester1
40Auto Dimension Measuring M/C1
41X-Ray Ni & Au Thickness Measure M/C1
42CMI Hole Wall Thickness Tester1
43Colimated Exposure M/C (Inner Layer)1
44Developing/Etching/Stripping Line (Inner Layer)1
45Oxide Placement Line (Inner Layer)1
46Micro Etch Line (Inner Layer)1
47Double Side Roller Coating Line (Inner Layer)1
48Multi-Layer Pressing M/C (Inner Layer)2
49Waste Treatment System1
50Screw Type Compressor4
51Power Generator3
52DI Water System1
53Vacuum Packing M/C1
54PE Bag Packing M/C1

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