Flexible PCB
Double Layer



Polyimide(PI)/ Polyester(PET) 


Materials Board Size:


- 406mm x 610mm

Board Thickness:


- 0.1mm to 0.3mm


Copper Weight:


- 1/2oz to 2oz


Minimum Line Width/ Spacing:


- 0.1mm / 0.1mm


Minimum Hole Diameter:


- 0.1mm


Solder Resist:


- Liquid Photo Image(LPI)/ Polyimide(PI)/ Polyester(PET)


Surface Finishing:


- Electroless Nickel Immersion Gold(ENIG)


- Immersion Silver


- Immersion Tin


- Flash Gold / Bonding Gold


- Organic Solderability Preservative(OSP)


- Tin Plating


Outline Profiling:


- Punching


Special Technologies:


- Stiffener


- Impedance Control





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