Over the past 27 years, as a precision technology leader, we deliver the PCB in customer-driven innovative solutions in our core business areas:- whole package of PCB enquiry.


We continuously improve our social and environment performance while serving market in every countries.


Our commitment to approach Corporate Citizenship (CSR) and how we treat the environment around us.

Our Mission Our Vision Our Values

Our Mission

We deliver the excellent technical support to fulfill customers' expectations  at the right price. Also, our friendly, knowledgeable and professional staff generate the best quality products and superior services to maintain our Sustainable Competitive Advantage (SCA) and best insurance value, commitments for customers.


What the most we care is that Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). All of Town Tact's facilities are certified to the ISO14001-2004 environmental standard. We provide the green products and committed to responsible environmental practices are aimed in improving the environmental sustainability in the communities where we operate that include recycling of waste water, reduction of hazardous waste and lead-free manufacturing which meet Restriction of Hazardous Substance (RoHS) compliant for a variety market around the world.

Our Vision

We focus on customers' satisfaction and expectations in different levels has always concerned by our company. In order to continue achieving an excellent service level, quality growth and effectively enlarge the Sustainable  Competitive Advantage (SCA) for future business within the PCB industry, every aspect of our business we are expected to achieve the following visions:


  • Sustainable develop different categories of high value-added product innovation;
  • Actively expand more environmental friendly products and protect the quality of the environment, such as air-pollution, sewage treatment at the meanwhile;
  • Expand global market share rate depends on excavation of 'Blue Ocean' market at some new developing market;
  • We believe that the well quality of the service process and products to create the excellent service experience for our customers.

Our Values

At Town Tact we view our culture as a critical asset as important as an effective model. Our honest values serve as the foundation of our company and define principal among them are:


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