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Relational Leadership Management Seminar

By Alex Yip (Marketing Manager)

Nov 18, 2014

HONG KONG (Nov 17, 2014) — Prof. LI King Ming, the Director of Town Tact Printed Circuit Board Co. Limited was invited to be the speaker of the “Building Relational Leadership” seminar by the Junior Chamber International North District (JCIND), which is a non-profit organization established in 1985 for providing development opportunities to young people through organizing different work programs for them to participate in for serving the community, training and self-improvement.Prof. King Li said, “I am deeply honored to be invited by JCIND and it is my great opportunity to contribute back to society by sharing how our corporate social responsibility was well integrated into our business activity.


Leadership Development

Prof. King Li further elaborated, “Nowadays, Relational Leadership has become the continuity of learning and the most valuable leadership skill for personal training or corporate development. Basically, more effective relational leadership focusing on business success is not only about having great people and favorable corporate team climates.In fact, systematic yet flexible management of workforce, relationships with customers and suppliers under fluctuating economies, keen competitions and other contingencies are the most significant.”


Prof. King Li emphasized that all JCIND members should build leadership styles through interpersonal exchanges, integrity of oneself and others, prompt understanding of the ever-changing relationship network and diversified techniques for enhancing leadership.


Mr. Lee Kwok Yiu, Lawrence, the Chairman of JCI ND lauded that Prof. King Li had rich experience on business operations and community services which could help JCI members fully explore the relational dynamics of quality leadership.


Service Commitment

Town Tact has developed its effective customer-driven strategy with strong service commitment, so customers from all over the world have appreciated its high quality products and tailor-made services. Its success on creating extra value and standing firm in the PCB industry for 28 years has stemmed from its innovative products, efficient delivery, democratic and motivational working environment, as well as sustainable partnership with treasured customers.



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