4C Customer Cost Convenience Communication


Customer are treated as our most important asset, we focus to satisty their

expectation and satisfaction.

We provide a wide and depth product mix for our customers to purchase,

which include:



Single-sided PCB

Double-sided PCB

Multi-layer PCB

Aluminum-based PCB

  • Flexible PCB

Special Items

Rogers Board Material

Blind/Buried Via

BGA Technology

Impedance Control

Max. Board Size: 508mm x 1200mm

Normal Lead Time Sample Production
Single-sided PCB 4 working days 10 working days
Double-sided PCB 7 working days 14 working days
Multi-layer PCB 8 working days 21 working days
Aluminum-based PCB 7 working days 14 working days
Flexible PCB 4 working days 10 working days



When setting a price, we do not just consider our company cost, but customer. We are minimizing the financial, sacrificial and total cost of customer.

In order to protect the benefit of customer, value for the product, minimize risk of purchase and increase competitive edge of an organization.


Customer can enjoy flexible and effective export or import processing, how to be there and be ubiquitous.

Our complete and secure online procurement system, guarantee convenience of buying the product, finding the product, finding the information of product, and comparative.

We provide the professional advice in aspects of technical and manufacturing process to ensure the customer satisfaction in reply their RFQ within 24 hours; on time delivery and after sales service.


We listen to customers' feedback, needs and wants, communication between the organization and the customer, create aspects of cooperative and service experience to our customer, building up with our customers from business to personal relationship, satisfied customers or people specifically engaged to create "Word of Mouth" momentum.

By the way, our company hope positively to manage our customer relationships by communication as result of creating more allies of champion customers at final.

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